Training Creeds, Principals and Emphasis
The Principles of Tang Soo Do

The 10 Creeds of Tang Soo Do
Be loyal to your country
Be obedient to your parents
Be lovable between husband and wife
Be cooperative between brothers
Be respectful to your elders
Be faithful between teacher and students
Be faithful between friends
Be just in killing
Never retreat in battle
Accompany your decisions with action and ALWAYS finish what
you start

The 10 Points of Emphasis on Mental Training
Reverence for Nature
Physical Concentration
Cultivate Courage
Be Strong Inside and Mild Outside
Reading Ability

The 10 Points of Emphasis on Physical Development
Vocal exhalation for thoracic strength
Focus of sight
Continuous balance during movements
Flexibility of the body
Correct muscle tone for maximum power
High and low speed techniques
Exactness of techniques
Adjustment for proper distance
Proper breathing for endurance
Conditioning hands and feet

The 5 Requisites on Mental Training
Oneness with nature
Complete awareness of environment

The Purpose of Tang Soo Do Training
SELF-DEFENSE, we protect our lives and others from injustice
and danger
HEALTH, we promote our physical and spiritual health and enjoy
strong bodies and sound minds through rigorous training
BETTER PERSON, we strive to be of better character through
endurance and hard work

The Tenets of Tang Soo Do
Respect and Obedience
Indomitable Spirit

The 14 Attitude Requirements to master Tang Soo Do
Purpose of training should be enhancement of mental and
physical betterment.
Serious approach
All out effort
Maintain regular and constant practice
Practice basic techniques all the time
Regularly spaced practice sessions
Always listen and follow the direction of the Instructor or seniors
Do not be overly ambitious
Frequently inspect your own achievements
Always follow a routine training schedule
Repeatedly practice all techniques already learned
When you learn new techniques, learn thoroughly the theory and
philosophy as well
When you begin to feel idle, try to overcome this.
Cleanliness is required after training.  Keep yourself and your
surroundings clean.

*Student Manual Saul M. Kim 2002, 2007